Eco Friendly Packaging & Fall Wax Melts

Our new Eco Friendly Packaging is finally here! Which means all the apple, pumpkin, spicy and warm scents that we love are back but now in a eco friendly packaging option as we try to move away from the plastic clamshells and single use cups.

Cozy Fireplace Wax Melt Brittle in Wax Melt Warmer

Our Wax Melts this fall are being introduced in a new eco friendly packaging line. I am trying to move away from using the plastic clamshells and single use cups and make an environmentally friendly choice to replace them with recyclable packaging. This comes as a benefit to you because all our wax melts currently in the eco friendly packaging are also part of the Refill the Bag Program.

Refill the Bag Program Wax Melts

Refill the Bag Program works that for every bag that you return to me for a refill of the original scent of the bags contents I will refill for a discount of $2.00 off the original purchase price. Your bags can be returned to me via mail and I will refill and send back to you.

For our fall line of wax melts we have the return of last years favorites such as Pumpkin Pie, Apple Orchard, and Autumn Woods. Our new additions are Pumpkin Pecan Waffles a delicious blend of pumpkin, buttery waffles and spice. We have also added Apple Cider Donuts which smells just like hot cider and apples. One of my favorites is Salted Caramel a combination of caramel, brown sugar and sea salt. We also have some comfy, cozy home scents such as Cozy Fireplace a warm combination of spices and smokey woods, and Flannel the perfect scent for chilly fall nights.

Fall Wax Melts

I am so excited for you to check out all the wonderful scents we have this fall. I love the addition of some of the scents like the Apple Cider Donut which to me is so much a part of the Hudson Valley. I am also thrilled to be making a decision to choose better with packaging choices and move away from using plastic and non refillable options.

Check out the new fall line I’m sure you will love the scents as much as I do

With love,


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