The Farmhouse Story

Hello I'm Leah and Welcome to my Farmhouse

Leah Meyers of Daisy Farmhouse Stand

I love drinking coffee and eating ice cream…I seriously love cows and dairy farms and have a slight obsession with mason jars. I believe with all my heart in being kind to others and that happiness is an intangible that can not be bought. I am married to my best friend Buddy. We love to spend time hiking with our six fur babies and traveling of course with all six dogs.

Leah Meyers Owner at Daisy Farmhouse Stand maker of wax melts

Daisy Farmhouse Stand was created from my love of wax melts and the warmth and comfort that they create in my household.  After I lost my full time job as my husband was struggling with his recovery from cancer, I took much comfort in the wonderful scents that I could have in my home. They were a source of comfort for myself and also my husband as he was recovering.  I started pouring my own wax melts as I wanted to create melts that were all natural and use fragrance oils that were pure as I suffer from migraines.  Many times I am asked why melts over candles?  I chose melts because I am very concerned with safety and having my fur babies in my home I have always been hesitant to burn a candle with an open flame.  

The farmhouse was named after my heart dog Daisie.  Daisie is a special needs dog.  She has swallowing difficulties and needs to eat in a special chair, be fed a very special food and receive numerous medications.  She has defied the odds in so many ways.  She is tough with a terrier's heart but is also sweet and loves to do nothing more than snuggle on your lap.  

Daisy the inspiration for Daisy Farmhouse Stand


We are blessed each day.  I believe in sprinkling kindness and love everywhere I go.  With Love Leah