Stop by the accessories shop for the products you need to compliment your soaps and wax melts.   To preserve your soap a draining soap dish is recommended and we have a variety to choose from.  They are made from all natural birch wood products and will lengthen the life of your bar of soap.  The exfoliating soap pouches are a great addition to any soap bar.  The pouches are made from natural fiber and feel great on your skin.

I also offer a variety of wax melt warmers.  They feature a generous melting dish so you can use as many or few wax melts as you would like.  The dishes are easy to remove to dispose of the spent wax only after you have properly soaked the wax using cotton balls.   They are all UL certified.  The bulbs are easily replaceable to last for many years.

Check out the accessories shop for more great items.

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