Bath Bombs

What could be better than to come home to a relaxing soak in your tub as you use one of my bath bombs homemade in Wurtsboro NY?  My bath bomb ingredients will nourish your skin while you relax in your tub.  My bath bombs may contain butters such as shea or cocoa butter.  A key ingredient in bath bombs are oils as they function as a binder.  I choose oils that are power packed with vitamins that your skin will love.  For example, a favorite oil of mine is avocado oil.

I enjoy using essential oils or phthalate free fragrances  to scent the bath bombs.  I do not use lakes or dyes to color the bath bombs.  Instead, I choose to use either natural clays or micas to color the bath bombs.

The benefit to using clays or micas is that they will not stain your tub like lakes or dyes can.  Lastly, I use buttermilk or coconut milk powder to achieve a foaming action to the bath bombs.  It is a more natural alternative to SLSA and adds lactic acid which in wonderful for your skin.  Each bath bomb homemade by me in the scenic Hudson Valley New York will provide a relaxing, and nourishing experience for you.

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