Wax Melts for Warmers

Wax melts for warmers are handmade from my home in Wurtsboro NY.  I use a high quality soy blend wax for a long lasting melt that will give a great scent throw.  I choose phthalate free fragrances and essential oils to scent my wax melts.  In addition to the traditional wax cubes in the clamshell; I have recently introduced a product line featuring wax melt singles, and snap bars.

The best part about this line is that they are packaged using eco friendly materials.  My products are designed to be used in your electric or tea light warmer.  All you do is simply place your melts in your warmer, turn on or light your tea light and let the wax slowly melt.  As the wax melts it will fill your home with it’s delightful scents creating a comfy, cozy atmosphere.  My wax melts for warmers are safe to use there is no wick, no open flame, no smoke, or soot.

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