Wax Melt-Cranberry Frost


Imagine the crispness of a frosty morning as you’re walking in the woods.  The air is tart and the leaves are crunchy beneath your feet.  Cranberry Frost echos a frosty morning as it starts with the tartness of cranberries and red currents and quickly combines with the crispness of green leaves and black currents to sweeten your enjoyment.  The finish is a combination of a hint of pine and fir. This scent is infused with the following natural essential oils including fir, cinnamon, patchouli and orange.


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Made of high quality soy blend wax using long lasting phthalate free fragrance oils Daisy Farmhouse Soaps Wax Melt Bars are composed of either 6 break apart cubes, snap bars, or wax scoops designed to be used in your electric or tea light warmer.  As the wax melts it will fill your home with it’s delightful scents creating a comfy, cozy atmosphere in your home.  Safe to use-no wick, flame, smoke, or soot.  Made in Wurtsboro, NY.


Cranberry Frost Wax MeltsCranberry Frost Snap Bars

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