Wax Melt – Rustic Heart


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“There is
my heart,
and then
there is you,
and I’m not
sure there is
a difference.”
~a.r. asher
This is an enchanting scent a beautiful balance of the warmth of sandalwood and a hint of lush rose petals.  This scent starts out fresh with a hint of leafy greenery, and quickly moves to its middle notes of hints of balsam, sandalwood and rose.  It finishes with the warmth of cedar, amber, and vanilla.  Don’t be fooled thinking it is a heavy rose floral the notes are very subtle and pretty for this melt.  
Made of high quality soy blend wax using long lasting fragrance oils Daisy Farmhouse Stand Wax Melt Bars are composed of either 6 break apart cubes, a single use pod or molded melts designed to be used in your electric warmer or tea light warmer.  As the wax melts it will fill your home with it’s delightful scents creating a comfy, cozy atmosphere in your home.  Safe to use-no wick, flame, smoke, or soot.  Made in Wurtsboro, NY. 



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